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Spa massage in Playacar,

 Playa del Carmen 

Welcome to Botica Spa. Our treatments are tailored to your individual needs, creatinga symphony of well-being. Located in Playacar, Playa del Carmen , we become your  daily escape or the perfect vacation complement. Each visit to Botica Spa is unique experience in personalized well-being

Renewing Facial

Time: 90 Minutes.

Price: $1,430 MXN.


Contraindications and Recommended: If you have sensitive skin or allergies to any natural products,  please inform you therapist beforehand. Following the facial, it is  recommended to use sunscreen and  avoid direct sun exposure to maximize the treatment benefits and maintain long-term skin health.

Ingredients: Tea tree soap, clay, lavender toner, honey, vitamin E, dehydrated nopal, jojoba oil, and peppermint facial cream.

Description:The constant exposure of the face to environmental pollutants, sun, and factors like aging can impact skin quality significantly. Sun exposure is very common in places like Playa del Carmen. To counteract effects and restore vitality, our specialized Renewing Facial is perfect for a healthy, youthful appearance, helping prevent premature aging.

Process: This facial treatment involves the use of a serum with active ingredients to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. It includes an anti-inflammatory massage for expression lines and a release of facial muscles, followed by the application of an antioxidant mask. The treatment concludes with the use of collagen cream and lavender essence for a comprehensive and relaxing rejuvenating experience.

Cleansing Facial

Time: 90 Minutes.

Price: $1,750 MXN.


Contraindications and Recommended: 

Ingredients: Tea tree soap, clay, lavender , hot towels (To open the pores), jojoba oil, chia, chamomile, oat and peppermint facial cream.

Description: Sun exposure, temperature fluctuations, hormonal changes, makeup residues, and nicotine, among other factors, can lead to skin imperfections such as pimples and blackheads. This facial treatment stands out as the most comprehensive of all and is recommended for all ages.

Process: We commence the treatment with the standard routine of cleansing and exfoliation. Following this, we administer a 5-minute ozone steam bath to open the pores, followed by manual extraction of blackheads and impurities. Subsequently we apply a lymphatic massage with jojoba oil to reduce facial inflammation. We the use a seed mask with decongestant and hydrating properties. During the mask´s application, we provide a courtesy massage for the hands and head. We conclude the  treatment by sealing the skin with collagen cream anda drop of lavender essence.

Relaxing Massage

Time: 90 Minutes.

Price: $1,560 MXN.

Benefits: Improved sleep, stress and anxiety relief, stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation and mood enhancement

Recommended: For people who experience muscle pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue.

Description: A relaxing massage is a gentle and soothing ritual that releases accumulated stress. With gentle strokes and aromatic oils, it eases tension, soothes the mind, and brings the body into a state of deep tranquility and well-being. It' s an experience that allows you to disconnect and rejuvenate, offering a moment of peace to renew you energy.

Deep Tissue Massage

Time: 90 Minutes.

Price: $1,750 MXN.

Benefits: Stress relief, postural correction, reduced muscle stiffness and increased body flexibility.

Recommended: For athletes, muscle cramps or chronic pain

Description:Our Deep Tissue Massage is a highly effective technique specifically designed to alleviate  acumulated muscle tension. Particulary beneficial for  athletes or individuals experiencing chronic muscle pain due to  rigorous physical activities, repetitive poor postures, or prolonged periods of strees. Applying firm pressure and precise movements, this massage focuses on releasing and relieving, offering a targeted and effective  treatment to revitalize your body.

Botica Massage

holistic massage therapies mexico

Time: 90 Minutes.

Price: $1,750 MXN.

Benefits: Relieving muscle pain, improving lymphatic circulation, and calming the body and mind.

Recommended: For all kinds of people, as it is a personalized massage adapted to each case.

Description: The Botica massage is a comprehensive treatment that combines various therapeutic techniques. It includes deep tissue massage and hot stone therapy for the back, relaxation massage, foot reflexology, and cranial massage. It provides stress relief, muscle relaxation, and an overall sense of well-being. It is a holistic experience that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and mind.

Zodiac Massage

best massage in mexico

Time: 90 Minutes.

Price: $1,750 MXN.

Benefits: Improves mood, reduces anxiety and enhances vitality and energy

Recommended: for people suffering from nervousness, lack of concentration or insomnia.

Description: The zodiac massage is based on working specific areas of the body according to each person's zodiac sign through gentle and fluid movements. It helps balance energy and promote relaxation, tailored to the unique energetic characteristics of each sign. It offers a personalized and unique experience that combines physiotherapy with astrological insights.

Reflexology Massage

Time: 90 Minutes.

Price: $1,750 MXN.

Benefits: Strengthening the immune system, improving sleep, helping constipation and improving intestinal functions.

Recommended: For people with digestive disorders, hormonal imbalance or arthritis.

Description: Discover the healing power of Reflexology, a therapeutic technique that targets the organs, muscles, and systems of the body through medium pressure on specific points of the head, palms of the hands, and feet. 

Hot Stone Massage

healing power of hot stones massage

Time: 90 Minutes.

Price: $1,880 MXN.

Benefits: Improved blood circulation, reduced anxiety, decreased inflammation and pain, and increased muscle relaxation.

Recommended: For those who suffer from chronic muscle pain, stress, fatigue and insomnia.

Description: This therapeutic treatment harnesses the soothing power of heated stones to melt away tension and promote deep relaxation. Smooth, heated stones are strategically placed on key points of the body, while the therapists use them to massage and knead your muscles with gentle to medium pressure. 

Body Wrap Massage

Time: 90 Minutes.

Price: $1,880 MXN.

Benefits: Reduce inflammation, remove toxins from the body and gives the skin a sense of wellbeing and luminosity. 

Recommended: For people with dry skin, to achieve an even tan or to soothe sunburns afterwards.

Ingredients: Clay, rice, rosemary, sage, coconut oil and essential oils.

Description: Our body wrap is a treatment that includes exfoliation, detoxifying mask, and hydrating cream, all using natural ingredients. We begin with a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, followed by a detoxifying mask, and finish with a hydrating mask applied through a soothing massage to improve skin texture, bring luminosity, and firmness

Detoxifying Herbal Massage

therapeutic treatment Ayurvedic Hot Pindas Massage

Time: 90 Minutes.

Price: $1,880 MXN.

Benefits: Helps to clean the body of accumulated toxins, relieves muscle and joint pain, and keeps the skin soft and healthy.

Recommended: For those suffering from anxiety, dry skin, muscle aches or autoimmune diseases such as arthritis.

Ingredients: hot pindas (seed and herb sachets), coconut oil and essential oils.

Description: This unique therapeutic treatment combines the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic massage with the soothing warmth of hot herbal pindas. Through a combination of lymphatic massage techniques and the active properties of herbs, this massage provides deep detoxification and relaxation.

Four Hands Massage

tratamientos relajantes spa

Time: 90 Minutes.

Price: $2,730 MXN.

Benefits: It stimulates the muscles deeply helping to relieve pain, reducing tension and relaxing the body. Enjoy a unique experience not only physically, but also mentally.

Description: Two therapists are better than one. It's an one-of-a-kind and incomparable experience that will always leave you with a sense of wellbeing and deep calm. This technique involves two therapists working simultaneously in synchronization. Different massage techniques and aromatherapy are combined to have an even more pleasurable experience.

Personalized Massage

therapeutic massage

Price: $2,600 MXN

Time: 120 Minutes.

Description: Experience the ultimate in personalized relaxation. Choose any technique from our menu (does not include the Four-Hand Massage), and our skilled professionals will tailor it to create a bespoke 2-hour treatment designed just for you. This unique experience is focused on enhancing your mental and physical well-being, helping you find inner balance and harmony.

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