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Special Offers for Groups

Booking Your Group Package:

Exclusive Group Packages - 90 Minutes:

Package for 6 People:

Enjoy a day of relaxation with personalized treatments for your group of 6. This Special Group Package offers exceptional value and a memorable experience.

Package for 8 People:

Bring your group of 8 for an unforgettable spa day. Our experienced therapists will provide high-quality services to ensure everyone feels rejuvenated.

Package for 10 People:

Celebrate with a group of 10 and take advantage of our special prices. Perfect for events like bachelorette parties, birthdays, detox sessions, and any other special occasion.

Note: All group members must arrive in pairs (2 at a time) for their treatments. This ensures a smooth and organized experience for everyone.

At Botica Spa, we are committed to providing exceptional service and creating memorable experiences. 

Book Your Group Package Today! Contact us to reserve your spot and take advantage of our special prices.