About Us

Botica Spa is the contemporary brand designed to combat the negative effects of city living. A place to hold you both at home and in our Playacar studio. Serious about effecting change, we champion originality from our bodywork to our products, always adhering to our rule of meticulous simplicity and quality

Founded by Gina

A certified therapist with over 10 years of experience in Riviera Maya's finest spas, offers personalized treatments in a warm, welcoming environment. Enjoy exclusive access to top-quality spa services, ensuring ultimate relaxation and tranquility away from the hustle of 5th Avenue.


Our cozy two-person cabin offers tranquility away from 5th Avenue. We provide the best spa treatments in the Riviera Maya at competitive prices. Each reservation is exclusive, ensuring personalized service and ultimate relaxation.


At Botica Spa, our Are highly qualified professionals dedicated to your well-being. All of them are certified by COFEPRIS, the governmental body ensuring quality health services in Mexico.

Furthermore, they have solid academic backgrounds and years of work experience in the finest hotels and spas of the Riviera Maya, including prestigious locations like Viceroy, Mayakoba, and Xcaret. This expertise not only ensures high-quality service but also guarantees that each treatment at Botica Spa is performed by skilled hands that understand the unique needs of every client.

In large chains, therapists are often expected to attend to a high volume of clients daily, sometimes handling 8 or more sessions of 90-minute massages each day. This frenetic pace not only exhausts therapists physically but also limits the ability to provide personalized and high-quality treatments. Service standards may be compromised in favor of productivity and volume.

We take a completely different approach. We deeply value the well-being of both our clients and our therapists. Our focus is on delivering exceptionally high-quality spa treatments, setting us apart significantly from other spas.

This ensures that each session is a deeply relaxing and effective experience for our clients, where quality and personalization are prioritized.

We believe in providing a spa service that rejuvenates not only the body but also nourishes the soul. Our therapists, with their experience and dedication, make each visit a memorable and restorative experience. Come and discover the difference in personalized care that only a spa like ours can offer.