Which type of massage should I choose?

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Massage for Your Needs

It's understandable, as there are many different types of massages and each one has a unique approach. All bodies are different and every head is a world, so not all therapies are for everyone. Before booking a treatment, it's important to investigate what types of massages are out there and what they specialize in. You don't want to go to a chiropractor for a relaxing massage or a reducing massage to treat your headache, right? In this blog, we offer some tips to help you choose the best treatment for you. 

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If you are dealing with emotional pains, such as grief, loss, anxiety, stress, insecurity, mental fatigue or any other negative thought that prevents you from moving forward, we recommend you try a relaxing massage with gentle and slow manipulations. During this type of massage, you can enter a deeper relaxation trance than during meditation. You can have memories, see colors, feel emotions and even have lucid dreams. In addition, our professional therapists can offer you a personalized treatment based on essences, technique and music to help you heal something in particular. We recommend the following types of massage to treat emotional problems: 

If you are dealing with physical pains, it is important to identify the type of pain you have, as not all pains can be treated with massages. If you are just starting to exercise and your entire body hurts but you can't take much pressure, we recommend Sports massage. If you have chronic pain due to stress or constant exercise, we recommend Deep tissue massage. Make sure to communicate with your therapist to get the right pressure, as deep tissue massage SHOULD NOT HURT. You will feel pressure and muscular work, but you should not suffer pain. 

Keep in mind that if you are in pain due to an accident, injury or blow, it is not recommended to take a massage and instead it is better to go to a doctor to analyze the situation, as working the muscle in an injured area can worsen the situation. 

Finally, if you are looking for a treatment to beautify your body and soul, we recommend the following treatments: 

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Remember that each body is unique and has different needs, so it is important to know well what type of massage is the most appropriate for you depending on your physical or emotional pains, as well as your personal goals. In Botica Spa we have professional therapists who will advise you and guide you so that you choose the right treatment. Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment and start enjoying the benefits of our treatments. Your body and mind will thank you.